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Author T.W. Lewis

Tom Lewis offers both a road map and a compass for finding True North. Following these principles will not only put your life on Solid Ground, it will also significantly improve your chances of finding both success and happiness.

Solid Ground shatters the popular myths in today's culture about how to create a successful life. By reminding us of the time-tested principles that seem to have gotten lost-like personal character, hard work, goal setting, helping others, and faith - Solid Ground explains and celebrates the real building blocks of a successful career and life.

"Ten years from now you will thank yourself for reading this book. It will change the trajectory of your life."
"I wrote this book because young adults today are getting bad advice about how to succeed, and I want to show them a better way."
Author T.W. Lewis
About the Author

Tom Lewis is the founder of T.W. Lewis Company, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based real estate investment company known for its outstanding quality and customer service in the homebuilding industry. The company has received numerous national awards, including America's Best Builder and the National Housing Quality Gold Award. Tom received a Lifetime Achievement recognition from Professional Builder magazine and was named the first inductee into the National Housing Quality Hall of Fame.

In 2002, Tom and his wife, Jan, formed T.W. Lewis Foundation to support higher education, children and families in need, youth character education, and a variety of local and national nonprofits that build community and strengthen America's civil society. In 2015, Tom and Jan created the Lewis Honors College at the University of Kentucky.

Listen to Tom’s interview with Charlie Kirk of the Charlie Kirk Show:

"Solid Ground Guides Readers to become masters of their fate and captains of their souls."
Barbara Barrett
Nominee for Secretary of the Air Force
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Building Your Life on Solid Ground.

Chapter by chapter, Lewis outlines the building blocks for a successful and happy life.

How to build Solid Ground Pyramid

"This book provides a roadmap to your success. Can't wait to share with my Team and staff."

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Solid Ground challenges the popular myths that make it harder to achieve success and happiness.

Myth vs. Reality

Myth:Successful people are just lucky.

Reality:Successful people use their natural talent, start early, work late, set goals, and keep getting better.

Myth:You can be anything you want.

Reality:You can be anything you are naturally good at... if you earn it.

Myth:You have to choose between success and happiness.

Reality:You can have both, either, or neither, because they are unrelated.

Myth:Work smarter, not harder.

Reality:Work smarter and harder. It takes both to succeed.

Myth:Following your passion is the key to success and happiness.

Reality:Success is the result of talent, hard work, and persistence. Happiness naturally occurs when you help others and grow as a person

Myth:Thirty is the new twenty.

Reality:Thirty is still thirty, and your twenties are still your defining decade. Successful people don't waste time.

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